About The Arts & Humanities Tuition Services

Who are we?

The Arts & Humanities Tuition Services is a global established premier tuition programme based in Singapore. An edtech platform, it is available via 1 to 1 tuition, online tuition, and small group tuition classes and is geared towards English/Literature at O’level/A’level, IB/IGCSE/IP and many more syllabuses!

The Arts & Humanities Tuition Services has in place a balanced programme, comprising of understanding the fundamentals. Succinct notes, together with comprehensive practice on essays and comprehensions, aims to optimize exam performance and confidence. This is also further complemented by readings on current world affairs, so as to be kept abreast of what is occurring around the world.

By joining The Arts & Humanities Tuition Services, you are undertaking a journey like no other. You will be bestowed with a hefty arsenal of skills to excel, from critical reading and analysis to actual application and practice under timed constraints. We believe in constant engagement with our students, and that learning is always ongoing.

Join our growing global community today!

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