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“Literature was a dreary subject at school, and the teachers made it no better. However, thanks to Mr Singh, who made his classes come alive, I was able to apply the techniques and skills imparted to me. I improved from an F9 to a B3!”

Ishan Singh Gill, Sec 2 English Literature, Victoria School

“Mr Singh is an effective teacher who is dedicated to teaching beyond the classroom. He broke down essay skills and taught us to view the comprehension as a gold mine. Jovial, yet relatable, Mr Singh also gave us many real-life examples. Thank you for boosting my English grade from an E8 to A2!”

Miko, Secondary 3 English, Meridian Secondary School

“He constantly follows up with us after class to ensure that we have understood the skills required in the examinations. Attending lessons by Mr Singh has helped me to clarify my thought processes, and better pen them down into words. While I was a strong student in English, he has enabled me to pinpoint my weaknesses (the summary question), and work on them.”

-Javier, Secondary 4 English, Junyuan Secondary School

“Good, patient teacher who looked past my playfulness and helped me improve from an F9 to B4. Hope to score better in the coming O’levels!”

-Yi Pin, Secondary 4 English, Junyuan Secondary School

“Having come from a primary school where the medium is Chinese, naturally English was my weakest subject. However, Mr Singh’s patience and dedication, as well as easy-to-learn skills, saw me improving from a D7 in my Sec 1 MYE to B4 in my Sec 1 End of Year Examinations. While I have room for improvement, as Mr Singh says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ”

-Xiang Ming, Secondary 1 English East Spring Secondary School

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